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Cinéma Dépôt with Claude Genest

April 7, 2011

Cinéma Dépôt

(un message français suivra)Claude Genest

The NDG Food Depot and the Montréal Permaculture Guild invite you to a free evening with Claude William Genest, on Wednesday April 20th at 7pm at the NDG Food Depot. Mr. Genest, permaculturalist and former Deputy Leader of the Green Party of Canada, will present a selection of episodes from his Emmy nominated television-series “Regeneration- The Art of Sustainable Living.” “Regeneration…” follows Mr. Genest as he explores the ways innovative people all over the world are building, growing, and living more sustainably. The screening will be followed by a discussion led by Mr. Genest about his experiences with the project.

Check out the episodes:
Cinéma Depot develops community by sparking conversations about social change.

Cinéma Dépôt

Le Dépôt Alimentaire NDG et la Guilde de Permaculture de Montréal vous invite à une soirée gratuite avec Monsieur Claude William Genest, le 20 Avril a 19h au Dépôt Alimentaire NDG. Mr. Genest, permaculturaliste et ancien chef député du Parti Vert du Canada, présentera une sélection des émissions de sa série “Regeneration- The Art of Sustainable Living.” “Regeneration…” suit M. Genest son exploration des nombreuses façons dont les gens innovateur(trice)s à travers le monde développent, construisent et vivent de manière durable. La projection sera suivie d’une discussion animée par M. Genest sur ses expériences avec le projet.

Consultez la bande-annonce :

Le Cinéma Dépôt crée de la communauté à travers des projections gratuites suivies de discussions sur la manière dont les questions de notre époque se rapportent à la vie quotidienne du quartier NDG.


Montreal Permaculture Guild

Earth Activist Training this Summer at HearRoot Farm

March 24, 2011
by Edward K. Yersh

Earth Activist Training
Permaculture Certification Course with Starhawk

at HeartRoot Farm, Quebec:
June 25-July 9, 2011

EAT: 2-week intensive residential, Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Course

This two-week residential intensive at Heartroot Farm offers a broad-brush overview of the regenerative design principles of permaculture. From inoculating mushrooms and digging swales to building with natural materials and sheet mulching the land, students have ample opportunity to experience these principles firsthand. Throughout the course, students work in
small groups to incorporate what they are learning into real-world permaculture design projects. The course culminates in the presentation of each group’s design project – which earns each student a Permaculture Design Certificate (required for any advanced course of study). This is Earth Activist Training, a rich array of solutions, tools, and strategies to redesign our world. Immerse yourself in this richness through classroom theory, hands-on practice, inner experience, and community. Don’t forget that it’s a lot of fun, too. Many find it life changing.

HeartRoot is located on 240 acres of spruce and maple forest at the top of the White and Appalachian mountain ranges on the border of Maine in Quebec. Their website can be found at

Accommodations include dormitory, semi-private rooms and tenting options. Semi-private rooms are reserved for special needs and families first.

Heartroot Farm has been a center for education and transforming consciousness for over 20 years. We offer a wide range of courses with both local and guest instructors ranging from Cooking With the Seasons, to Spiritual Midwifery to Live Learning Camp. All of our courses and events are based on a foundation of rediscovering and exploring interconnection with Nature in all its aspects.

HeartRoot Farm address:
86 chemin Vallerand
Audet, Qc G0Y 1A0 Canada

Click here to register.

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The Economics of Happiness

February 1, 2011
by Edward K. Yersh

We are working to get permission to show The Economics of Happiness at the February Cinema Depot screening. Keep an eye peeled to this site for news…

‘Going local’ is a powerful strategy to help repair our fractured world – our ecosystems, our societies and our selves. Far from the old institutions of power, people are starting to forge a very different future…


the Economics of Happiness

A film by Helena Norberg-Hodge, Steven Gorelick & John Page


Vandana Shiva, Bill McKibben, David Korten, Michael Shuman, Juliet Schor, Richard Heinberg, Rob Hopkins, Andrew Simms, Zac Goldsmith, Samdhong Rinpoche

In Transition 1.0 – Free Movie Screening – November 17th, 2010

November 8, 2010
by Edward K. Yersh

The NDG Food Depot and the Montreal Permaculture Guild invite you to a free screening of the documentary In Transition 1.0: from oil dependence to local resilience at the NDG Food Depot on Wednesday, November 17th at 7:00 pm.

‘In Transition’ is the first detailed film about the Transition Town movement filmed by those that know it best, those who are making it happen on the ground. The Transition movement is about communities around the world responding to peak oil and climate change with creativity, imagination and humour, and setting about rebuilding their local economies and communities. It is positive, solutions focused, viral and fun.

The screening will be followed by a talk and discussion about this burgeoning movement with Michel Durand of Quebec’s Villes en Transition. 
What: Free Screening – In Transition 1.0
When: Wednesday, November 17th, 2010 · 7:00 PM
Where: NDG FOOD DEPOT, 2121 Oxford Avenue, NDG

Cinéma Depot
creates community
through free film screenings
followed by discussions of how the issues raised relate to life in NDG.

The Montreal Permaculture Guild
creates community around sustainable living and
enthusiastically practicing Permaculture.

Nov. 6, 2010 ~ Basic Silkscreening Workshop

November 3, 2010
by Edward K. Yersh

at Ste-Emilie Skillshare

These workshops are essential if you would like to use the Ste-Emilie
silkscreen studio.  You will learn all the basics pertaining to using the
studio including preparing the image, preparing the screen, printing onto a
variety of materials, cleaning afterwards and how to do this all safely.

Max. number of participants: 6
Suggested donation: $10-20


Repeated on December 4th

-> Each workshop has a suggested donation amount. We love
donations! And really need them to keep ste-emilie running.
We have a pay what you can system and no one will be turned away.
-> Workshops begin at 2pm
-> All workshops are given in english unless stated otherwise.

Pumpkins are Food Too

October 29, 2010
by Edward K. Yersh

Did you grow any pumpkins this year? Got one in your Good Food Box or from your CSA farmer?

Pumpkins are a squash of the Cucurbitaceae family. They’re easy to grow, inexpensive, local and abundant at this time of year. Most people carve them up and to make lanterns. They’re also a nutritious food packed with beta-carotene (which gives them their orange color), that your body uses to make vitamin A. (Thanks body.)

Much more at Wikipedia.

Here are a few recipes to get that gourd in your gullet.

Pumpkin Bread:

(Thanks to Marlo from Head & Hands for this one.)

Pumpkin Soup:

Sweet & Sour Grilled Pumpkin
… ooooh:

And of course, Pumpkin Pie. Yum.

Let us know if you try any of them by making a comment below.

Pumpkin Seeds, superfoorAnd don’t you dare throw those pumpkin seeds away. They’re a a superfood. Yup. Packed with a plethora of minerals, you can toast them up with a bit of oil and salt or go all fancy and make a pesto. Here’s what says about them:

Pumpkin seeds are another American “super food” that the Native tribes prized for its culinary and medicinal value. They probably didn’t make pumpkin seed pesto recipes out of them, which is the recipe I’ve linked for you here.

High in fiber and protein, these seeds are also a rich source of minerals including magnesium, manganese, iron, and zinc. Pumpkin seeds are believed to be beneficial for things like prostrate health, bones strength, and arthritis. Pumpkin seeds also contain compounds called phytosterols, which are believed to reduce levels of harmful cholesterol and also improve the body’s immune system.

Pumpkin seeds can now be readily found at health food stores, or higher-end grocery chains. They are sold, raw, roasted, shelled, and unshelled. Try them in this pumpkin seed pesto recipe, which uses the toasted seeds. It’s a delicious, and easy way use this nutritious food.

Happy Samhain everyone!

Michael Pollan: The Omnivore’s Dilemma

October 28, 2010
by Edward K. Yersh

Michael Pollan is a man worth paying attention to. These are the kinds of people that we should be electing to high office.’s_Dilemma

Sustainable Skills Classes – Sewing, Quilting, Painting & Drawing

October 26, 2010
by Edward K. Yersh

S E W I N G classes  &  ARPILLERA – quilting social commentary


Marci and Carolina came up with the idea to host workshops within their community  to teach skills that promote CREATIVITY and TRUST for a brighter SUSTAINABLE future.
Able to imagine and create; using originality, stimulating the imagination; extending beyond the normal limitations.

To have confidence in something or someone; to know something in your heart that the future holds much more than the grim news we are bombarded with.  In one word, to promote Sustainability  with a vision: Creative insight or imaginative foresight and wisdom; something that is seen in a dream.

Sustainable development is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment so that these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come. The term was used by the Brundtland Commission which coined what has become the most often-quoted definition of sustainable development as development that “meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

$25 each for 4 classes (total $100)  
or $30 per individual class

Come and join us:

l’appartement / 5585 Cote St. Luc Road # 1

Arpillera – PAINTING & drawing / 514.928.8906  – Carolina    

S E W I N G classes / 514.481.0258 -  Marci 

Access to sewing machines, reference books and patterns in the class.  (Maximum class size, 4 people )  

- small groups – building community – morning and evening courses -

The Concordia Food Systems Project presents the RealiTEA harvest party workshop

October 26, 2010

Thursday, October 28th. 2-4pm

Come to the RealiTea garden, a 2000 ft² permaculture herb garden at the Loyola campus for our end-of-the-year harvest party. The RealiTEA garden was developed by Concordia students as part of the Food Systems Project Internship this passed summer and will produce medicinal teas for the newly designed sustainable Hive café that will launch early next year.

Graham Calder from P3 Permaculture Design will facilitate this 2 hour workshop where we will learn the basics of making a garden ready for winter, permaculture design, herb harvest, seed saving, herb drying and more fun things. There will also be the opportunity to do some woodwork to finish our indoor passive solar tea dryer for those interested. It will be chill, fun and educational :)

Please RSVP to as soon as possible.,+QC&cid=0,0,2512367594485114824&ei=G0PGTIDYCIGBlAeFzt35AQ&ved=0CBYQnwIwAA&z=16
By donation.

videos: Planting Garlic in the Fall

October 26, 2010
by Edward K. Yersh

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